Fall 2019 Cohort

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In 2012 Addison Weeks saw a need for versatile, high-quality fashion jewelry. After the jewelry was named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2016, the company launched a line of decorative statement hardware to serve the high growth and profitable designer hardware vertical. All the hardware is designed in house with high-quality metals and semi-precious gemstones, sold both online and to the trade.

Forefront is a mobile-first learning application for global and remote teams that develops culturally smart leaders at work. Through fun and gamified bite-size courses leveraging scientific and evidence-based research, they educate current and future leaders on how to lead with empathy and understanding, so organizations can foster inclusive work environments.

Nuekie is an innovative skincare company for people of color. The traditional African medicine and modern science to develop products to meet the needs of people of color. Over 60% of ethnic consumers in the United States suffer from acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, there is a lack of solutions designed for the unique structure and function of ethnic skin. Nuekie is strategically positioned to solve these problems for this demographic.

Metallum3D combines low cost, high performance, Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printers with specially developed metal 3D printing filaments and a microwave sintering service, to provide our customers with an affordable on-demand metal 3D printing platform that is accessible 24/7 through the Mettallum3D website.

Redactable is a Cloud-based web application that allows companies to permanently redact their documents, no downloads or plugins required. Redactable permanently deletes the sensitive information behind the black redaction boxes ensuring that confidential and privileged information cannot be uncovered at all.

Xperience Robotics designs and develops sensors to help people with physical movement challenges and in turn making physical therapy more effective, redefining healthcare with AI and technology.

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